Your eyes are not playing tricks on you…
Another episode of Ask Dr Rin! Is Out!
In what we now hope is the FINAL END releasing a series in the slowest pace we ever have, we vow to BREAK this trend once and for all and hope to set a much more realistic pace, starting with this release… episode #14.

In this chapter of Rin, discord threatens to rip apart Meirin’s happy home!
( NO! Not Discord, the evil pony in Friendship Is Magic voiced by John de Lancie… :/ )
Something has driven a wedge between Meirin’s parents, and if something is not done fast, the worst could happen! How will it all work out? Watch and find out!

Enjoy! Suzaku.
Meow baby! =^-^=

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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil @irc.rizon.net or grab it off BitTorrent.