You guys are AMAZING. We’re floored by your outpouring of support for our fundraiser drive for Record of Lodoss War! I can’t tell if it’s because you actually like us or if you just want to see Pirotess’s boobs in 1080P, but either way, YOU DID IT!

All together we raised $465.36! That is enough to get the Lodoss Blu-ray box the day it comes out, I will be taking photos of the unboxing so you all can join in with us. We will be working hard over the next 5 weeks to finalize the subtitles in advance so we can get the videos out to all our sponsors as soon as humanly possible in advance of the general release!

The other good news is the remainder of the funds will be going towards the R2 DVDs of 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. We will be able to continue subtitling that show in the quality it deserves! This is all thanks to your support!

Many of you reached out to us inquiring about sponsoring other titles. We are only doing this one time so we have to choose carefully. Here is what we are doing in addition to Lodoss:

1) We will be redoing Condor Hero from proper R2 DVD source, something we’ve wanted to do for a decade now. We actually finished subtitling the show a couple of weeks before the first volume was released in Japan, and it was licensed by then, so we never had the chance. This is an amazing show that deserves better treatment than us or Tai Seng (the R1 company that released it with Chinese & English audio) have given it.

2) Additionally, I know I’ve been hinting at another all-time epic title we will be picking up. I promise you we will be unveiling that in the next couple days. Stay tuned to Live-eviL for updates!

As for all the backers… YOU are the real hero here. We couldn’t do it without you. I know it’s not much, but we made this hilariously bad YTMND in your honor:

Thank you so much!! Stop by our irc channel anytime! #live-evil @

-Your friends at Live-eviL