So, you’re interested in becoming a Live-evil QCer. Great! Interest is the first step in joining the crew. Follow this easy 3-step guide, and you may find yourself the newest member of L-E in no time.

  1. Read the “Fansub Basics” in our FAQs. A clear understanding of the fansub process is an absolute necessity to be a good QCer.
  2. Verify that you meet L-E’s QCer requirements.
  3. Apply!

2. QCer Requirements:

Anyone is qualified to become a QCer as long as s/he meets the following criteria:

  • Has been speaking, reading, and writing English for over 12 years and has a VERY good command of the language. Native speakers are highly preferred.
  • Can effectively check spelling and grammar, as well as suggest rephrasings of awkward sentences.
  • Is familiar with common abbreviations such as: AM/PM, PST, EST, JST, etc. regardless of race/culture/geographical location.
  • Is 15 years of age or older. (This has to do with maturity.)
  • Has a longer than average attention span. QCers frequently watch an episode multiple times before it is released.
  • Does not mind watching scenes with nudity in them. :D
  • Is not afraid of pissing any member off by suggesting changes for the good.
  • Can concentrate on more things than just the English in the subtitle. QCers also check all signs and onscreen text, as well as watching for timing and encoding errors.

In addition, to become a QCer for Live-eviL, you must also:

  • Be willing to QC any L-E show that needs it. (If you’re going to be picky about what shows you will QC, then L-E is not the place for you!);
  • Be able to use/willing to learn (how to use) IRC and idle in our channel(s) often;
  • Be collaborative;
  • Agree to the Live-evil Code of Conduct. (No applicant will be accepted who has not agreed to this code).

If you think you meet these requirements, keep reading.
If not, well, unfortunately we cannot accept any applicant who does not meet the above requirements; but please continue to enjoy our great releases and join us on IRC in #live-evil.

3. How to apply

Live-eviL frequently recruits ‘fresh meat.’ That is, we welcome fansubbing nOObs to join our team. We raise fansubbers from scratch by having them join our QC team and working up to greater responsibility. What this means is, prior experience as a QCer is valuable and highly appreciated here at Live-evil, but we are also willing to train! So whether you have been QCing for years or are brand new to fansubbing, don’t be afraid to apply.

If you’ve read all of this and still believe that you would make a great L-E QCer, then talk to Suzaku or tlynnec (aka. Suzaku|rCGoLE| / tlynnec|LLE) in #live-evil, e-mail /, or post a response in this forum. Note: email or PM preferred.

Please note, we have very busy lives and may not get back to you immediately, but we will respond. If more than 3 days go past without a response, please try again as we may not have received your initial message.

Last updated: November 19, 2008

5 Responses to “ So, you want to be a Live-evil QCer? ”

  1. mike ohara says:

    Hi, I’m willing to assist with QC (okay I will admit to hoping this will help the Yawara series move along but anything will help directly or indirectly, right?). I have a good command of English, no worries about that. If you need some QC help just email.

    P.S. The Code of Conduct is not a problem, just common sense. 🙂

  2. Rick Noto says:

    Hi, I believe I can help by being a QC. I have a firm command of the English language and have studied Japanese. I am by no means fluent, but do have a good grasp of the language. I have been watching and collecting anime since 1995 and am a big fan of retro classics. I am most interested in helping Queen Millennia move along. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  3. Hari says:

    I await Episode 59 with eager anticipation.With Project Kitteh fishniing Ashita no Nadja, and Licca taking on A Little Princess Sara, after fishniing Super Doll Licca-chan, I have seen an influx of older anime finally being subbed into English. I have enjoyed watching all 58 episodes that Live Evil has already subbed. You have totally gotten me hooked on the show, and I really, REALLY want to see how it all turns out! 66 episodes. That is 5.5 years at 1 episode a month. (sigh) That’s even longer than Creamy Mami!Live Evil, GAMBARE!

  4. JouMxyztplk says:

    If you still need QC-ers I can help.
    But due to my work schedule I have only limited time of the day to do this, more on weekends. This also limits idling ’round IRC, I’m not 20, I’m in the 40s…
    As reference the German -> English subtitles I made so far:

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