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And moving ahead, we release episode 2 of The Three Musketeers Anime!
D’Artagnan is getting used to his life in his new home in Paris.

But not just that, hes also getting used to the idea that he is in Paris, without a cent to his name and not a clue what to do for a living, other than what his grandfather told him.
Now he must work out what to do for a living in a land filled with many pitfalls just ready and waiting to take advantage of a naive headstrong youth like himself!

Suzaku. =^-^=

I have discovered, that in this series, (it being so old and such ) that the hard coded Kana is SO badly timed, that it simply can NOT be used.
I first saw it in EP 1 and hoped it was a fluke… but sadly no.
Its barely noticeable in the OP song,, but HORRID in the ED T_T
There is simply no way around it… its AWFUL.
I am attempting to cover it over with correctly timed to the music lyrics kana in EP # 3 and onward.
It wont be %100 obscured, but I’m hoping for something a lot better than the mis-timed MESS we are stuck with :/
No pic this release due to the long txt 🙁

3-Musket#2 h264
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MD5: 5341A99BE41CA84A63DD869C97E758DF

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.


Episode # 26, The Orange and The Flower Seedling.

The Trapp family has just returned from their ski trip with souvenirs, including seedlings from the area they visited, and of course a sprained ankle! While the Trapp children are working out what to do with what they have brought back with them, the Barron has been called to visit Lady Yvonne at her aunt’s castle in Klagenfurt. Yvonne, who was too ill to join them for the ski trip is still recovering from her cold. This visit does NOT sit well with the Tapp children, however, the Baron does gain more insight on Yvonne’s motivations…

The insert song in this is, Schubert’s Lullaby.
As always with Trapp, these are a bit of a challenge, go with the DIRECT Japanese → English TL
or go with the traditional wording of the song. :/
You will see for yourself what we picked 🙂 , OR if you are nor familiar with this piece, it wont matter much! :p
Suzaku. Meow baby!
Size: 206,430,208 bytes
CRC: 48B28E43
MD5: 6F05AF299694726B9C6D9E14270FEB58
As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.