Hi everyone!

UPDATE: $355.03 raised so far!

First off, thank you for your outpouring of support for our Lodoss Blu-ray project. We’re 90% the way there! We are also raising funds for two other projects (Condor Hero R2 DVDs to properly redo the series) and another major Blu-ray project which we will be announcing in the next couple days, so please keep the donations coming! All in all, it will cost us about $1200 but will give us literally years worth of high quality episodes to bring you (143 to be exact).


Today we bring you a very special release that goes hand-in-hand with Record of Lodoss War. It is a FANTASTIC OVA series called Fortune Quest. It is based off a manga that spoofs 8 & 16-bit RPGs and fantasy stories (like Lodoss).

They created a horrific TV series based on the franchise which had a limited release in the United States. It was called Fortune Quest L and it was nearly unwatchable. Which is a shame because it probably tainted the market for this OVA, which is really good! One of the best video game parody anime ever made.

If you like Zelda, or Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest, (or Slayers), you’ll likely love Fortune Quest! Check it out. We went to great trouble to bring this to you. The show was never released on DVD in Japan so it is from a laserdisc source but the quality is quite reasonable.

Get the files from bit torrent HERE (one batch torrent for the show) or from the XDCC bots in #live-evil on irc.rizon.net!

267,165,394 Oct 23 03:14:36 2013 [Live-eviL] Fortune Quest OVA 1.mkv
265,445,663 Oct 23 03:16:33 2013 [Live-eviL] Fortune Quest OVA 2.mkv
259,824,034 Oct 23 10:45:59 2013 [Live-eviL] Fortune Quest OVA 3.mkv
256,496,835 Oct 23 10:47:43 2013 [Live-eviL] Fortune Quest OVA 4.mkv

Enjoy! And thanks again for all your support! It means the world to us!


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