UPDATE: $355.03 raised so far. You can be the next hero!

Hi everyone.

Since 2001, it has been our mission here at Live-eviL to bring you the best quality version we can of anime that has been overlooked. We have dedicated tens of thousands of dollars and hours to bring you classics like Rose of Versailles, Yawara, Death Note, and many others.

On rare occasions, we come across a project that we truly desire to bring you but we lack the resources to do so properly. One such project is Record of Lodoss War, aka the greatest fantasy anime ever made.

Now you might be thinking, “Wait? Hasn’t that been released on DVD?” And you’d be right. Central Park Media released it on DVD back in 1998 and again in 2002. That was over a decade ago and CPM filed bankruptcy in 2009. All subsequent releases of the show have used sub-standard video (from the awful R1 and R2 DVD releases) and CPM’s sub-standard translation. In other words, it has never had a proper, modern release.

Until now, that is. On November 29th, a remastered Blu-ray box set is being released in Japan. It costs approximately $385.

As a preview for the remastered HD Lodoss, a special airing was done on Japanese premium TV. We were able to capture episode 1 and have subtitled it as proof to you of the quality we plan to bring this series. We have given the script a line-by-line rewrite.

We are 100% confident that ours will be the greatest version of Lodoss Wars ever released. But we need your help to procure the Blu-ray box. We ask you to donate any amount you can, large or small, to help us buy these. Any funds raised in addition to the $385 will go towards two other projects we are planning. (One is one of the most influential classics that has never been fansubbed before, the other is re-doing our fan-favorite Condor Hero from R2 Japanese DVDs).


If you’d like to show your appreciation to us for all the work we’ve done over the years, this is your opportunity. It means the world to us.

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As a reward for all sponsors above $25, you will be given early access to all releases of Lodoss. You will also be recognized with a special thank you screen in the script itself (with a pseudonym or fully anonymous if you want.) Please give what you can.

Please download our release from the TV screening to see the level of quality we plan to give this series.

Download links: 720p, 1080p (or get them from our XDCC bots in #live-evil on irc.rizon.net)

-Your friends at Live-eviL Fansubs

P.S. If you have any questions, comment here, contact us on irc, or email us at live.evil.sponsor@gmail.com

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P.P.P.S. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a look at these two images:

Best quality of Lodoss so far (480p) CLICK TO EXPAND

Best quality of Lodoss so far (480p) – Notice the crummy translation from the R1 DVD! CLICK TO EXPAND

Our version (1080p softsubs) CLICK TO EXPAND

Our version (1080p softsubs) CLICK TO EXPAND

[Live-eviL] Record of Lodoss War OVA 01 [DEED1001] (1080p).mkv
[Live-eviL] Record of Lodoss War OVA 01 [DEED7201] (720p).mkv