Episode #2,
We pickup right were we left off… Leo is adrift clinging on for dear life when fate deals it’s hand and he is found by a shipwrecked Kutter, Leo is taken in by a boy named Kenichi, and his uncle, Dr. Ban. He then spends the next few months observing the world of humans, then one day, Kenichi takes Leo to the zoo. At the zoo, he meets three black panther brothers, who tell Leo they can take him to the jungle if he lets them out of their cage. But can they be trusted? Is everything really all black and white, or is there more hidden between the lines?

=^-^= meow baby!
Jungle Emperor#2 h264
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Here’s another Laughing Salesman ep for the fans!
Now you can see Moguro troll in High Def! Wee!
Special thanks to Skr for providing us with the HD raws.

Filename: [Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_26_[720p][FB45FDA8].mkv
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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil @irc.rizon.net You can also grab the episode from #saizen @irc.rizon.net


We realize there have been some ‘misunderstandings’, recently about the current status of projects.
First and foremost please let us emphasize – we are short staffed especially on QC. If you want to see your particular show come out faster come and help QC as getting shows through QC is one of the major road blocks to us getting releases out the door. An episode can take 4 – 5 weeks due to our current QC staff’s real life commitments.
We have seen comments about “why have you started this project and not finished others”. The simple answer is that its different people are working on different shows. Until such time as someone asks for help / wants to give up on a project it’s rude to take that work away without good reason.
Furthermore, never assume that ANY project has been canceled or dropped unless there is an official post on our site stating so, regardless of how long it has been since the last release.
So yes we know it’s disappointing that you see a new show and not the one you’re waiting for. By no means is this by deliberate intent, just an unfortunate result of staff available to work these projects when they have time to do so.

Kind regards

-gumbaloom and the staff of Live-eviL

3000 Leagues in Search Of Mother
Project Leader – Eternal_Blizzard
We have 90% of the translations for the show but E_B is busy with real life / semi retired so its hard for him to make progress.
Any volunteers who could do timing / edit / TS greatly appreciated.

Bush Baby
Currently on hold due to lack of staff – looking to reorganize and get this moving again with new staff.

Attack No 1
We are well aware that a number of people donated towards this project and there have been a distinct lack of releases.
This was due to bad resource planning and lack of staff willing to take up the reins of this project for the past 2 years – Episode 2 has been translated for 2 years but nobodies wanted to process it.
We are DISTINCTLY aware that we make good on this show and we are trying this moving again but for now it is an “On Hold” project.

Mahou Magical Star Emi
Project Leader – Suzaku
Stuck because translation checker is busy with real life.

3 Musketeers
Project Lader – Suzaku
Stuck because translation checker is busy with real life.

Project Leader – Suzaku / Gumbaloom
Fully staffed project will proceed as fast as edit / QC allows.

Haikara San Ga Tooru
Project Leader – Suzaku / Gumbaloom
Fully staffed project will proceed as fast as edit / QC allows.

Ask Dr. Rin
Project Leader – Suzaku
TL – Jasconius
Edit – StarCreator
Project is in motion, but at a reduced pace.

Kimagure Orange Road
Project Leader – YaoiBoy
Stuck because translation checker is busy with real life.

Queen Millennia
Project Leader  Yaoiboy
Fully translated but slow because staff members involved are busy with real life. Will be completed as fast as allows.

Project Leader – bastard_sama
Stuck waiting for better raws.

Jungle Emperor Leo
Joint project – will proceed as fast as episodes can be processed / get through QC. No significant hold ups here bar QC time.

Joint project – will proceed as fast as other group can process.

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