Just when we thought we were all done with the Magical Emi project, comes the surprise! It’s now out in HD!
Not exactly Blu-Ray, but these are higher res versions than the DVD sources we used, at 1080p, at excellent quality, therefore we will release them again at 1080 and 720, starting with the first 4 episodes, and the others should be out rather quickly!

Suzaku & the staff of Live-eviL!
Meow baby! =^-^=

Emi#1 h264
720 330 MB (459,235,637 bytes)
CRC: 69466409
MD5: 093e8998972d2fb416626dda1146582f

1080 727 MB (762,780,875 bytes)
CRC: 25481A20
MD5: D8670C67B8C29698A84B9F7055848AA8
Emi#2 h264
720 306 MB (321,309,616 bytes)
CRC: 7EA94D48
MD5: 7E82F73110AAC2C254FBD2A67AB6E493
1080 685 MB (718,637,277 bytes)
CRC: 3A255504
MD5: 32B2ECCC58EED3C64F843FE4C619B930
Emi#3 h264
720 319 MB (335,462,865 bytes)
CRC: 7E551EB7
MD5: AA101C8A7D4B23401DC1FF51317E5861
1080 722 MB (758,085,689 bytes)
MD5: 14EE6F690F97F78333C13657857C2837

Emi#4 h264
720 308 MB (323,465,828 bytes)
CRC: D6E22C50
MD5: 14EE6F690F97F78333C13657857C2837
1080 711 MB (745,790,022 bytes)
CRC: 0B0B196D
MD5: 31FCA773D1A038C00EBB014C94A5447E

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil @irc.rizon.net or grab it off BitTorrent.