With mixed emotions, after 13 years of work, we now announce the completion of Queen Millennia (TV)! These last four episodes bring this epic story to its conclusion.

This series would not have been possible without help from our dear friend CP, who not only provided the source materials, but was instrumental in getting the show translated. This release is dedicated to him. He was a big fan of this show, as noted by following team members:

<@Eternal_Blizzard> It was an interesting experience getting to time and QC at least a part of this great series. I was kinda bummed out I got so busy IRL, but big ups to Luurah for doing a great job succeeding me in timing till the end. I’m glad I got to contribute at least a little while our dear friend CP was still with us. We did it, CP.

<@tenkenX6> I only did translation checks on several episodes, but it was a good experience overall. More Leijiverse stuff is always welcome, IMHO. Plus, it was a pet project of our dearly departed friend, CP. I’m so glad we were able to finish it for him.

Now, on with the show!

Episode 39: “No Victory for Tomorrow”

File size: 174 MiB (182,638,743 bytes)
MD5: 00a3a4ab69d678cd90a65742072aaa0f

Episode 40: “Curse of the Dark Comet”

File size: 180 MiB (188,750,195 bytes)
MD5: 14cf4617f070697635ac1751ef59bfa6

Episode 41: “The Last Day of the Earth”

File size: 190 MiB (199,238,759 bytes)
MD5: 93332bcc6a3423c54cad1d889624f4ca

Episode 42 [FINAL]: “Legend of Queen Millennia”

File size: 172 MiB (181,356,220 bytes)
CRC: 0B6C448C
MD5: babe5b42facd63aec603cb3c86b5971e

As usual, get them from the bots in our IRC channel at #live-evil @irc.rizon.net
You can also grab them using BitTorrent.

It has been a pleasure,