Thanks to everyone for bearing with our hiatus while our translator moved. Now that she’s settled on a new continent, we’re back in business and delighted to bring you the next exciting episode of Shion no Ou!

While Shion studies for her match with Hani-meijin, Satoru devotes himself to finding the murderer. An unexpected find reveals the murder’s identity, but not motive. Can Ayumi really hope to protect Shion from the unmasked enemy?

Release Info:
Size: 180944896
CRC: 063292EE
MD5: a0664a43e395c57ad496136014e8d752

Also out is the 1280×720 HD release featuring chaptering, soft subs, and glorious x264 image.

Release Info:
Size: 243236426
CRC: C9B51214
MD5: 23b0a96145a4bfb9379b84645dcf25ac

As usual, these releases are available from the bots in our IRC channel,, or grab it off BitTorrent.