Good morning!

So I’ve been a little quiet lately but things will begin heating up for L-E and our viewers!

This morning we release episode 1 of a brand new title that began airing on Sunday in Japan. The title is “The Daughter of Twenty Faces” or in Japanese: 「二十面相の娘」 (Nijuu Mensou no Musume). We release episode 1 to you right now.
The title is a story about a legendary thief who takes a young girl under his wing. The story is about her development under his tutelage. The man travels the world “taking treasure away from pigs” as he puts it. He is a master of disguise, hence the monicker “Twenty Faces”.

It’s been described as a “Lupin III for a new generation,” a “combination of Nadia and Lupin III,” and comparisons on the character have been made to The Big O. It’s bound to be a wonderful series! The manga just finished its 6 year run in Japan in February.

We feel we’re doing a great job on this show and think you’ll truly enjoy it. Please check it out and comment in our web forum (link on this page).

We are encoding it into two separate formats. The first is standard SD resolution in xvid/mp3/hardsubs in an avi container. Most people should have no issue playing this format. The second format is in HD resolution in h264/vorbis/softsubs in a matroska (mkv) container. If your PC can handle it, definitely check this version out! Please ask on our forum if you have any technical issues with the playback.

You can get the files from our lovely xdcc bots in #live-evil in on irc. Do a google search for “mIRC” if you are on windows for the classic irc client. You can also get the file from bit torrent


Ep 1 SD Version- Filesize is 166,477,824 bytes, CRC32 is DE94224A.

Ep 1 HD Version- Filesize is 244,493,316 bytes, CRC32 is 076483C0.