Good morning, all!

We are glad to say that Animeigo has finally put up the first box set (episodes 1-40) of Yawara! on DVD for pre-order. You can order it here.

Here at Live-eviL, we’d like to think that maybe in some part, our efforts of subtitling Yawara and proving that there was a modern audience for it, helped in some part to get this show released on Region 1 DVD. We also donated our fansub scripts to Animeigo which they used as a basis for their translations.

We always encourage the people who watch our fansubs to purchase the official version when it is released, and this is no different! Yawara is a great show and for $124.99 for 40 episodes (which a chance the price might even go DOWN), it is a great value!

So for all you folks who missed our fansub version and want some Ippon Zeoi action, please pre-order this box set!

Also, as it is only available for purchase within the United States and Canada, people from other countries are in a tough spot. If you are not in a region where you can purchase it legally, please post on our web forum (I will put up a thread for this purpose) and we’ll see if someone in the US or Canada can buy it and possibly ship it to you. If we get enough people looking to do so, we may be able to offer this service for you.