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KALAMAZOO, 11:54 PM April 1, 2008

In a stunning turn of events, the FBI, acting on tips from concerned irc “leechers,” has raided the corporate headquarters of Live-eviL Fansubs. Its leader, known only as “the pig,” has been taken in for questioning.

All copies of the offending material, “Killer Pussy – Sexual Parasite,” have been destroyed. It has been described by one eyewitness as “the most disgusting thing I’ve seen since that parody of Gakuen Heaven someone released a couple years ago.”

Calls for comment have not been returned.

Happy April Fools Day.


TheTrapp Family Story Episode 9
Baron Von Trapp’s FiancĂ©?

A visitor graces the Trapp household with her presence. The long anticipated Princess Yvonne has arrived with a whole carload of disruption for the Trapp household.

Will Princess Yvonne be new love for the widowed Barron Von Trapp? Or is there something fowl with my fair lady? Find out!


Meow baby!


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