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A big happy memorial day weekend to everyone in the USA. The summer is finally here, baby!

Please note that there is no episode of The Daughter of Twenty Faces this week. It will resume next weekend.

Stay tuned for more of your favorite L-E shows 🙂


Good morning, everyone! Welcome to SUPER TUESDAY – Live-eviL style!

Starting at 11AM EST we are going to attempt to release a different show every hour on the hour for as long as we can! How far can we make it? I guarantee you’ll see some blasts from the past, some new stuff, and some staples of the L-E catalogue.

RELEASE #1 – The Trapp Family Story 12

Chocolate Cake: Maria Style!
If there is any truth to the saying “While the cat is away, the mice will play.” It is put to the test in the Trapp household as Frau Matilda is called away on a family emergency and the staff seizes the opportunity to take their leave as well! Maria and indeed the Trapp Children soon find that running a mansion is no picnic! And the children learn first hand that what the staff does for them day to day is no piece of cake! Will it all come crashing down around them? Find out!

Size: 186,019,840 bytes
CRC: 21859DAC
MD5: 397c2a11e043222950ce4bb587a6b3262b62888e

RELEASE #2 –Shion no Ou 20

Demon Killer
Shion and Hani-meijin settle into the final match of the Amateur/Pro Open Tournament as anxious eyes throughout Japan look on. While Shion searches for the truth through her shougi, Satoru and the detectives take a different tactic in their search.

Size: 180,977,664 bytes
CRC: 6E36527F.
Size: 242,400,446 bytes
CRC: FA75003C.

RELEASE #3 – You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle 15

Bokuto PD Blue
In this episode, a film crew shows up at Bokuto Station to film a documentary on the Bokuto traffic department. Things get out of hand when the enthusiastic director decides that the documentary is too boring and that he needs to spice it up. Check it out!

Size:164,777,984 bytes

RELEASE #4 – Galaxy Express 999 #28

The Mirage Planet’s Scribe.
This time Tetsuro finds himself on Mirage Planet, a seemingly inconspicuous world devoid of human life. But things are never what they seem, are they? It is here that Tetsuro learns a painful lesson that solitude is a very harsh thing to live with some times.

Size: 186,236,928 bytes
CRC: 44109F76
MD5: 664fa78092987ef814ecc2c51dc1f098e1c7ca02

Release #5 – 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother 12

The Day the Airship Flew
Marco and Emilio have a brilliant plan to sell ice cream down at the beach to the crowd watching the airship take off. Unfortunately, their plan is derailed when a giant storm comes to town! What will they do?

FILE INFO: Filesize is 173,152,256 bytes, CRC is 782E8390.

RELEASE #6 – VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire 1

The Hero Once Again!
This is one of the many in the Lamune line. This one was made in 1996 by the creators of Saber Marionette J. 40 fire is a light hearted series with some dark undertones that is not afraid to throw in every anime cliché that was in vogue at the time. And is also not afraid to poke fun at every popular anime out there and even it’s self at times! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did bringing it to you!

Size: 184,752,128 bytes
MD5: 606abbe9c409979d699e72a70aaeefa007c20599

RELEASE #7 – Yadamon 1

A Little Witch Comes to Town
We actually subtitled episode 5 of this eons ago. Raws were very hard to find and episode 5 was the earliest episode available. This was a labor of love caused by Tofusensei’s compulsive obsession with the Japanese band LINDBERG (they sing the OP/ED for the show).

In any case, this is a series about a crazy young witch and her crazy friends, including a talking Manatee. Check it out!

NOTE: This is not really an “official” Live-eviL project and releases may be sporadic or we might end up releasing them with a different group name. We just wanted to share the wealth. Extra super special thanks to Galen for the DVDs! We promise we’ll sub more of it for you.

FILE INFO: Filesize is 87,466,328 bytes. CRC is 572DC67A.

RELEASE #8 – Captain Harlock TV (1978) 29

Life and Death Struggle on the Rainbow Planet
After the failed search for Mayu at the Humans’ Planet, Captain Harlock and his crew move on with no clues to guide them. After days of no results, Daiba jumps at the chance for some action when a random Mazone patrol is discovered. Daiba wanders off mission… again…

FILE INFO: Filesize is 209,319,056 bytes, CRC is 8BB922FC.

RELEASE #9 – Queen Millennia 4

The Meteorites Disappear
Well, it’s been a while since our last release (Over a YEAR!), but we are proud to say the Queen Millennia is back with a vengeance. With 2 active translators working on this project, we now have several translated scripts ready to go. To easily catch up on this series, get it from the bots in our irc channel.

In this next episode, we pick up from a cliff-hanger! Our science team is being shot at by helicopter gunships. Watch as Hajime rides out this latest dilemma and more secrets are revealed.

Size: 184253134
CRC: 9FCA8122
MD5: 9ef442bece7541ee35044c52f7b96153

RELEASE #10 – Ask Dr. Rin! 11

Manly Shinagawa, Love in Full Bloom!
When Shinagawa volunteers to make the Ornamental Paper Ball for the school Sports Festival, all he’s thinking about is how to impress Yue, but unexpected overtime in the family store prevents him working on the Paper Ball at all! Will Meirin be able to save the day? Enjoy this very “cool” episode of Ask Dr. Rin!

FILE INFO: Filesize is 181,462,906 bytes, CRC is 580BE701, md5 is 2f2e0d1bb315924bf8673deaa82f0460.

RELEASE #11 – The Daughter of Twenty Faces 6

Dreaming of the Prior World
Wow. Just… wow. This is the “turning point” episode of the series. This is probably the best show this season so if you aren’t watching it, start. I won’t spoil anything for you but I finally figured out why they have to air this show at 2AM in Japan. Check it out!

FILE INFO: SD- Filesize is 186,789,888 bytes, CRC is C2081AA0.
HD- Filesize is 244,309,073 bytes, CRC is EEED6DE0.

RELEASE #12 (FINAL) – Kimagure Orange Road 13

Everyone is Looking!  Hikaru-chan’s Super Transformation
To all you patient KOR fans, we’ve revived the series! In this episode, the issue of sexuality is explored as Hikaru begins to dress a bit more… grown-up… one day. How will the gang react? Check it out!

Please note that all KOR releases begin as IRC only and will be posted on bit torrent at a future date. We’ve also put up a torrent for episodes 1-12 on our bt site. If you don’t want to wait for episode 13, get your butt into #live-evil on where we have plenty of high-speed xdcc bots to service you.

FILE INFO: Filesize is 170,565,978, CRC is ABCB0013.
We hope you’ve enjoyed the releases as much as we have! As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent. Please continue seeding as long as possible so our poor servers survive this.


-Your Friends at Live-eviL

Since Funimation can do cryptic release hints we figured so can we!

Stay tuned for Super Tuesday. 🙂