The Ulysses Nebula

Where is Mayu? She is somewhere in the Ulysses Nebula, no thanks to a cowardly act by Queen Rafflesia and the Mazone. Harlock lets Arcadia choose its own course and he devotes his resources to finding her. With Seven different planets she could be on, the search will be very difficult.

Join us in the beginning of a brand new story arc that will bring back some familiar faces from the Leijiverse.

File details:
Size: 285857756
MD5: 08a7d6b5f311649554d73ef32f935c83

Usual features apply:
* New Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio track and the original mono track
* Formatted and Unformmated soft-subtitle tracks
* Region 2 DVD source
* Corn Pone Flicks translation
* Special Feature: Bonus Audio Track – Otakon 2006 Fansubbers panel – part 1 of 3

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