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Episode #10, The Sewing Machine and Violin.

Its pay day at the Trapp family household and everyone is off to spend their well earned income. However, while doing some soul searching about how to spend her’s , Maria stumbles upon painful memories that someone tried to shut away in a dark forgotten place. Are such memories always sad? Or can they be good? Must they always be painful?

Find out!


Meow baby!


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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.

Thanks to everyone for bearing with our hiatus while our translator moved. Now that she’s settled on a new continent, we’re back in business and delighted to bring you the next exciting episode of Shion no Ou!

While Shion studies for her match with Hani-meijin, Satoru devotes himself to finding the murderer. An unexpected find reveals the murder’s identity, but not motive. Can Ayumi really hope to protect Shion from the unmasked enemy?

Release Info:
Size: 180944896
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MD5: a0664a43e395c57ad496136014e8d752

Also out is the 1280×720 HD release featuring chaptering, soft subs, and glorious x264 image.

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Size: 243236426
CRC: C9B51214
MD5: 23b0a96145a4bfb9379b84645dcf25ac

As usual, these releases are available from the bots in our IRC channel,, or grab it off BitTorrent.