The weekend is in sight and tonight Live-eviL brings you a short interlude in the Yawara storyline. It’s Jigoro flashback episode time ! 😆

In this flashback we find Jigoro helping to keep his future wife Kaneko’s Judo open after her father passed away. However Jigoro is too full of pride and passion about Judo to be able to confess his true feelings to her. Download and watch the amsuing story of how Jigoro was finally able to confess his true love to Kaneko-san !

Also look forward to Yawara Episode 38 as it sees the start of a complete new story arc as Yawara begins her time at Mitsuba Womens College 🙂

As per usual the file is available via XDCC bot at #live-evil on or via bittorrent here.

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