Happy Thursday to one and all. You can almost sniff the weekend can’t you but then that faintest of faint smells then vanishes without a trace.

To help you through those midweek blues Live-eviL brings you Yawara Episode 36. Today’s episode sees the closure of Yawara’s first story arc telling the tale of Yawara’s high school days. It’s graduation day and everyones crying and thinking about the past and what the future might hold. Download and see what happens on Yawara’s final day as a high school student – theres still a few surprises before she leaves!

Next episode is a Jigoro flashback episode for those who remember episode 19 and thats coming real soon!.

As usual you can download from xdcc bot at #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or from bittorrent here.

The file information is as follows :-
The file size is 147263488 bytes
The CRC is F65B28ED
The MD5 hash is 6b62036de857320b230a131e62a959b2