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Another week and…guess what ANOTHER YAWARA EP!!!!!. Yes you guessed it your favourite Judo girl is back for another 24 minutes of Judo goodness. This week is the BIG day. Yawara gets her Mitsuba College entrance exam results. However did she pass with her sprained hand ?. What will happen. Download and see the both hillarious and touching consequences of Yawara’s big day!.

As usual you can get from XDCC bots at #live-evil on or off bittorrent here

File size is : 147339264 bytes
CRC is : B07FF84C
MD5 hash is : 567031a8f1a1a7f9800c30f106c22466


Another Saturday night, another episode of Tsubasa Chronicle. This ep reveals a lot of back story surrounding Syaoran’s mysterious past. Check it out.

As always you can get the files from the bots in #live-evil or get it off of bit torrent at our bt page.

Filesize is 182,208,512 bytes, the CRC is 73C81A39, and the md5 hash is 17eaf01a00f589af0d4c19483990a1a4.


Some of our fans don’t like clamp so we decided to release another Ep of our judo girl!
Here some info :
File Name : [Live-eviL] Yawara – Ep 31.avi
File Size : 147298304
Md5sum : 6adbce870009c6bb1d92b4bfde838255
SFV : B6C4A8F3
As usual you can get the file from Bittorent or from our bot on irc ( you can use ) .
It’s also available on usenet (some information regarding usenet can be found here .)