Live-eviL’s crew will have a definite presence at both Anime Expo and Otakon this Summer. If you are not aware of these conventions, they are the largest and best anime conventions in America! Much fun will be had by all and we’re inviting everyone to check out the official “Fansubbers’ Suite” at both cons. We’ve got games, parties, and lots of fun. We’re interested in meeting anyone who is out to have a good time at these cons.

We’ve also got extra hotel space for both conventions and if you need a place to stay for the conventions (held in Anaheim, CA and Baltimore, MD respectively) we just might be able to accomodate you (for a small charge, of course).

To anyone who is coming to these conventions or is interested in coming, we ask that you either email me, Tofusensei at or post on our forum, or both.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all this summer!