For those who arent already aware as found by someone at ID Forums and as seen on the Animation Studio’s website who makes Initial D OB Planning (The 3rd line of text in the blue box). Initial D 4th Stage has been extended to 16 episodes. The raws will air on Japanese Pay per View television on the 18th of June.

The official AVEXMode website hasnt yet been updated to reflect these 2 episodes yet but undoubtedly will be.

As it stands Initial D 4th Stage will end at Episode 16 unless OB Planning announces otherwise via their website or there is some announcement via an another official source. There is af of yet no official announcment about a 5th or 6th stage but the speculation on ID Forums is the 5th Stage *might* be a movie with 6th stage being another series.

Of course we will be subbing these 2 episodes of Initial D. We will be able to get the raws so nobody needs to send them to us but thank you for your consideration. Please give us at least 1 – 2 weeks to sub the episodes and possibly more depending on staff members commitments.