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Hi ,
As you know , Ep 6 was encoded with h264 codec, but some of you doesn’t know how to use it , so just follow thoses steps (Thk to Jedi-Master-Yoda:

1) Install ffdshow — SET FFDSHOW TO DECODE ONLY AND ONLY x264 and h264
2) install x264 codec version X264VFW_rev289_mmx.exe
3) install mkv splitter or set FFDSHOW to Decode your audio as well. ( this will only takeover audio of any x264 or h264 file, your xvid and divx video’s will be decoded normally the way they have been decoding before ffdshow installation)
If you follow those instruction you will be able to playback SSM 06 with flying ease, sofar I can play file on WMP, MPC, ZoomPlayer, VLC player. =)

It’s a fine Sunday morning here in ole blighty and Live-eviL brings you the next magical episode of The Snow Queen.

Episode 2 sees the onset of winter. Everyone is working hard to try to be prepared for the harsh winter that is coming. But! Gerdas grandmother becomes ill and the doctor has left town. Will she be ok???. Who will go to fetch the doctor from the town and brave the dangerous winter wastelands or maybe theres another solution ? o.O. Meanwhile something SINISTER is happening elsewhere that is the start of something BIG O_O……….

As always you can get this file off XDCC bot at #live-evil on or off bittorrent here.

File Information :-
The file size is 180369408 bytes
The CRC is 0ED919E5
The MD5 hash is 4d9388cd4c021c2ea0068967b08e2b47



Woo, this show is really heating up. This episode the first ever real animation of the CLOVER world (besides some legendary music video that no one has ever seen). It also features an exclusive song by Ora. (We’ll use the spelling from the American release of the CLOVER manga for Oruha). You must watch this episode! Get it from our great servers in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent at our bt site!

Filesize is 182,222,848 bytes, CRC is 5BAC57F7, and the md5 hash is 8cc3ff3a1360e06723b4906b13dbafd7.