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It’s out! The 2nd ep of our DVD rereleases. The entire script has been worked over and the video is beautiful, high-res, and from a DVD in the fabulous h.264 codec. We are confident that this is the best version of Tsubasa Chronicle available so for all you collectors or die-hard fans, THIS is the version you should archive (until the DVDs are available).

Of course, get it from the bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent.

Filesize is 166,580,224 bytes, the CRC is 7DD4E2E3, and the md5 hash is 122c44925bda0c139ffaa3657f7d12b9.


Hola a todos,

A partir de hoy hay algo nuevo en Live-eviL. Aparte de nuestro habitual trabajo de subtitulación, en inglés,
ofrecemos a ustedes el primer episodio en versión DVD de Tsubasa Chronicle, totalmente subtitulado en
español. 🙂

Si quieres unirte a nuestro nuevo canal en español, por favor, entra a #live-evil_sp (Último paquete: TSUBASA CHRONICLE Versión DVD Episodio 1),
en el cual podrás presentar todas tus inquietudes y sugerencias.


166,486,016 [DB_L-E]_Tsubasa_Chronicle_DVD_version_01_h.264_SPANISH_[574004F3].avi


CLAMP meets The Matrix?! That’s what’s happening as this show takes a serious turn and people start dying :X

No idea wtf I am talking about? Download Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 23 and see! 😉 Of course we have it on all our bots in #live-evil on too

File size is 180,488,192 bytes, CRC is AC828679, and the md5 hash is afcd02675cedb6db4286ecb975e770ca.