In what probably seems an unusual step for Live-eviL today we bring you something rather BIG and novel (although we’re not the first fansub group to do this apparently o.O)

For those people who have monitored our releases you will have noticed that we’ve been slowly releasing Sailor Moon Musical footage. Our first full Sailor Moon musical project namely Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu was completed a little while ago and we’ve put it all together in to a DVD ISO with menu’s for those who want to watch it on their TV’s away from their computers.

The DVD ISO comprises of the following individual releases which have been released on bittorrent previously as xvid compressed AVI’s with a target audience of people watching it on their computer :-

The Main Musical itself Part 1 xvid AVI bt Part 2 xvid AVI bt
The Service Numbers (Encore) + Commercial Service Numbers + Commercial xvid AVI bt
The DVD Making of DVD Making of xvid AVI bt
VHS Omake Excerpts VHS Omake Excerpts xvid AVI bt

This DVD iso has been made for those who want to watch it on their TV’s and the TV safe area has been taken account of and so forth.

I’m sure that from some quarters this release might attract some criticism so I’ll just discuss a few things here and now to set the record straight.

This fansubbed DVD ISO is NOT meant to replace the original Region 2 DVD’s. We encourage people strongly to support the musicals by buying official products from places such as CD Japan, YesAsia and
– a) it is only a single layer ISO compared to a dual layer ISO of the original region 2 Japanese DVD’s and therefore a quality loss. Almost 3 hours of footage compressed to 3.51GB’s gives an obvious quality loss
– b) This DVD is HARD SUBBED. There will not be any soft subbed DVD iso release in the future, nor will there be scripts released. If you wish to watch it without subtitles you are encouraged to buy the original DVD’s. The target audience of this ISO is people who wish to watch it with subtitles.

Secondly this DVD is NOT meant to be sold for profit. There are multiple fansub seller warnings contained both in the video and in the menu’s. You would have a hard time trying to pass this off as your own work without completely decompiling the ISO and rebuilding it from scratch. Anyone found to be selling this ISO on ebay and such like will be reported to ebay and the internet community warned about your bad practices.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to download this ISO I would recommend that you pay DJen’s Seramyu DVD distro site located here a visit. She is selling the ISO at an AT COST price eg media + postage. She is quick and reliable and has Live-eviL’s full endorsement to sell this ISO on our behalf.

Finally to perhaps explain the motivations of producing this ISO image. Sailor Moon Musicals have been ongoing for some time now. They’re currently on hiatus and its unknown as to whether new musicals will be commissioned. Therefore the fanbase needs to keep supporting the musicals by buying official goods. The impact of seramyu’s on the western fanbase is limited due to the fact that they have never been licensed for Region 1 DVD’s and probably never will be if the stories that have leaked are correct. So in our efforts to subtitle these musicals we hope to increase the penetration of the musicals in the Western Hemisphere and hopefully attract new fans to the genre who will hopefully go on and support the franchise. We hope that people who either download this ISO or buy it from DJen’s distro will share this with their friends and over time through word of mough more people will come to appreciate how much fun the musicals can be.

We will of course continue to subtitle Seramyu’s and I’d like this opportunity to announce the next few projects.

1) 2005 Winter Special Musical – Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteban – The latest musical to be produced was this one which was on stage in January 2005 and it was also Marina Kuroki’s last musical as Sailor Moon. We will be subtitling the following items :-
VHS Omake – footage from Marina Kuroki’s last day as Sailor Moon
Service Numbers and Encore
Fankansha – The 2004 Autumn Fankansha event held prior to the full musical going on Stage.

We won’t however be subbing the main musical itself because of its similarities to what we’ve already worked on with SKSD.

2) 2002 Summer Special Musical – Mugen Gakuen Mistress Labyrinth – This is our next full Musical to be subtitled and is already half translated. Do you ever remember watching Sailor Moon S?. Well see how the Japanese did it in Musical Style!. In fact this is probably a more accurate rendition of the original manga story than the anime itself with some of the performers lines pulled directly from the manga itself!. Look forward to it :D.


Whilst every effort has been made to make this DVD ISO as compatible as possible, we’re not a professional DVD pressing house and so can’t guarentee that there won’t be some minor glitches here and there because of the way your DVD player interacts with the disc but nothing that should affect you being able to play the main video itself.

Anyhow after all that has been said, as per usual you can download this file from XDCC bot on #live-evil on or via bittorrent here.

The file information for the ISO is as follows :-
The size is 3773681664 bytes
The CRC is 3EF4933D
The MD5 hash is d30e8c7c512a27a6b9da17cbcb7a6abc