Hi ,
As you know , Ep 6 was encoded with h264 codec, but some of you doesn’t know how to use it , so just follow thoses steps (Thk to Jedi-Master-Yoda:

1) Install ffdshow — SET FFDSHOW TO DECODE ONLY AND ONLY x264 and h264
2) install x264 codec version X264VFW_rev289_mmx.exe
3) install mkv splitter or set FFDSHOW to Decode your audio as well. ( this will only takeover audio of any x264 or h264 file, your xvid and divx video’s will be decoded normally the way they have been decoding before ffdshow installation)
If you follow those instruction you will be able to playback SSM 06 with flying ease, sofar I can play file on WMP, MPC, ZoomPlayer, VLC player. =)