As found by Binky and posted to our forums here. State of Divinity Chinese Live Action Drama has been licensed by Knight Mediacom International for an English subtitled release on DVD in the USA.

Binky’s post is repliacted as below :-

Look like this series is officially licensed in North America with english subbed. This is what I got from spcNet from a poster name KnightMedia:

The series is renamed Laughing in the Wind, (subtitled The Magic Swords of Ling). You do not need to worry about taping the 40 episodes. We are distributors of the program on DVD for all North America. The 40 episodes are being released as of this October 2005. The program is in Mandarin with English Subtitles. The first 10 Episodes in a double DVD boxed Collector’s set have a street date of October 25th; featuring some of China’s most famous talent: Li Ya Peng, Xu Qing, Wei Zi, Miao Yiyi, Li Jie, Chen Lifeng. Directed and Produced by Zou Qingfang; It comes with a series of collectible photos from the series inside. It is a Knight Mediacom International Release and will be available wherever you find videos at retail and rental: Tower, Virgin, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Blockbuster, Netflix, Strawberry, FYE Transworld stores and your favorite local video store. Ask for it, if it is not there. Please tell your friends.

Live-eviL has a policy of suspending the distribution of anime and live action drama once they have been announced as licensed for distribution on Region 1 DVD in North America. Henceforth from this point onwards we are discontinuing our distribution of fansubs of this show and we ask that you do the same out of respect to the official licensors.

Please support Knight Mediacom International when they release their DVD’s later in the year and lets hope that it is one of many subtitled live action releases to come to DVD for release in North America.