You guessed it sports fans. The end has finally come. The APOCALYPSE HAS ARRIVED!!!!. Live-eviL and Ideology after 2 years finally releases episode 24 of Initial D 4th Stage. So well let’s get the juicy stuff out the way first.

It’s available on XDCC at #live-evil or #ideology on or available via bittorrent here .

File Info –

MD5 hash – 40b5461cfeaecaf07aa4c50303aa6db8

File size – 183754752

CRC – E738367C
Now for the customary end of project rant. Initial D 4th Stage has certainly not been an easy project to work on for a number of reasons. The two main ones being the high turn over of staff on the project. A number of different typesetters and encoders have worked on this show and generally life has just got in the way and this certainly hasn’t gone down too well with certain aspects of the ID4 fandom who so rabidly desire their fansubs. To past ID4 staff we thank you for your work but in particular I’d like to take this opportunity to hightlight the work of EclipseZeta and Yoten who’ve been with this project from the start as translator and editor. Those guys made ID4 what it was, the rest of us just made it look pretty. I hope all of you ID4 fans will express your grattitude to them for sticking through ID4 through thick and thin through all of the staff changes and sometimes fighting what seemed like an uphill struggle to get the eps released.
The other problem has been dealing with certain elements of the ID4 fandom whose conduct towards fansubbers in terms of how demanding they are to get their fansubs has been less than desireable and so at times this has created tension between us and the fanbase in general.

To our patient and loyal fans who’ve patiently waited for our subs, we thank you for your patience and consideration during the past 2 years. However whenever 5th Stage anime gets made we’d urge the Initial D fandom to be a lot more considerate to whichever fansubber takes up the gauntlett of subbing a fifth stage.

Now that 4th Stage is finished we’d like to encourage anyone who has only watched our ID4 subs to perhaps try out some of our other shows like Leiji Matsumoto and so on. Theres plenty more anime out there for you to watch while you sit out the long wait for 5th stage.

Enjoy ep 24!