Live-eviL is announcing its first new (real) project of 2006. To coincide with the start of the anime, we are releasing a reference quality version of the NANA Live Action movie complete with two making of features found on the extra DVD that came with the movie’s soundtrack.

If you are unfamiliar with this story, FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH IT. It’s great. It’s about two girls named Nana who get intertwined by fate and develop in their own relationships, struggles, and lives, all over the backdrop of an aspiring rock & roll band and a rock rivalry.
The movie stars the talented, sexy Mika Nakashima as the rocker Nana.
It is a must watch by anyone who likes good entertaining stories and music.

We are timing the release of this movie so you can get it just in time to download the fansubs of the anime which will be out soon.

You can get the files at our bit torrent site:

[Live-eviL] NANA Live-Action Movie (5.1 surround sound AC3).avi 1,261,801,472 bytes CRC: 68990518
[Live-eviL] NANA Extra Clip Mika Nakashima Glamorous Sky Making of.avi 41,291,776 bytes CRC: 6FBD56AE
[Live-eviL] NANA Extra Clip Reira Endless Story Making of.avi 51,642,368 bytes CRC: 094FA201

If you need help playing the files (keep in mind that the movie is in 5.1 surround sound AC3), please post on our forums.