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Ok folks,

I’ve just made a startling discovery this morning. I’ve not really investigated the World Masterpiece Theatre Series much beyond knowing 3,000 Leages is part of it. HOWEVER I’ve just found out this morning that there is an anime based upon the The Trapp Family Story which was the inspiration for The Sound Of Music.

I’ve just ordered volume 1 off Yesasia now. I’m sure all of you knew and loved The Sound of Music when you were little. I’m making a call for translators here. If any Japanese to English translators would be interesting in translating this for Live-eviL I will provide DVD’s and typeset and encode.

If you’re interested please contact me on IRC (gumbaloom on enterthegame), AIM : gumbaloom or email at


It was pointed out to me that some people like upscaled, hi-res versions of this show. I am not sure why (it does not air in HDTV so no reason to have it in hi-res) but I decided I’d encode a hi-res h264 version for those who want to see it. This version will use a ton of CPU processing power so those with older processers need not apply. Get it from the bots and bit torrent!


[Live-eviL] NANA – Ep 04 (h264, upscaled, HQ).avi

Filesize is 192,380,928 bytes, CRC is 20BA8ED9, md5 hash is 0802ae19698a4dd87869329b4e7df2ae.