In the long and dim distant past a war began between Live-eviL and the forces of evil. That force as evil beyond all comprehension. It’s ability to take out valiant members of Live-eviL was unprecendented. We at Live-eviL have lost many a good foot soldier to the armies of the dark one. We stand and salute those who have perished as they fought valiantly in battle attempting to battle this enemy.

Yes this enemy has a name

and it was


The final confrontation is here!. Sit back for the ride as our valiant timers go in to battle against one of the most demanding shows ever to time and which has taken many a valiant timer with it in the course of duty. Sit back and enjoy Mami 44 and we promise that the rest of the eps will be coming soon as you finally get to see the end of Magical Angel Creamy Mami!

In this ep see what happens when a helicopter that Mami is flying in gets sucked in to another dimension O_O;;;;;;

As usual this episode is available on XDCC at #live-evil on or from bittorrent here.


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