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Harlock rides again!

Join Leiji Matsumoto’s legendary Captain Harlock in this lastest remastered special edition MKV. Usual features apply:

  • Brand new 5.1 AC3 surround sound, 2.0 stereo sound and the original mono audio track
  • Formatted and Unformatted soft-subbed English subtitle tracks
  • Chapter Stops
  • Optional clean opening and closing animation
  • Region 2 DVD video source
  • Corn Pone Flicks Translation

286414687 bytes May 29 05:44:30 2006 [Live-eviL]_Captain_Harlock_(TV-1978)_-_09_-_Special Edition_[E4A6831F].mkv – MD5 Hash:f8a49c8c3f25cc68453c1f9736a282b1

Episode 10 will be next.

Thanks so much!


It’s out (we apologize for the 1+ day delay). This episode takes Syaoran and the gang to a trade ship out on the ocean. We meet ghosts, a mysterious island, and… Syaoran’s father, Fujitaka?! Only he’s younger than Syaoran! This should be interesting.

Anyway, as usual, get the file off of bit torrent or the bots in #live-evil on 🙂


Filesize is 180,416,512 bytes, CRC is 9896B1D4, md5 hash is 50febb2fa738057096cf46c267e64bd0 .


In a change to our scheduled Nana & Tsubasa programming we bring to you something slightly different.

Yawara Eps 54/55 are out for your due consideration. These are put together as a single file because they’re recap eps for eps 1 – 53. So if you haven’t seen the first 53 nows your chance to get right up to date.

They’re available from #live-evil on irc.enterthegame or off torrent.

File Info –

CRC : 6014933C

MD5 : 2ea3f1a830e90b817aeaf3ab166896b4

Size : 368031744