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Are you ready for a treat? You know you are. And we’ve got it for you right here at Live-evil!We bring to you a classic World Masterpiece Theatre anime: The Trapp Family Story. This charming story stars Maria Kutschera, better known as Maria vonTrapp. That’s right, this is based on the novel that everybody’s favorite movie “The Sound of Music” is also based on. So, if you’re looking for a classic with romance, action, and of course some great songs, check out The Trapp Family Story now!

Unlike some of our other shows of late, our Trapp project is well-staffed and in no danger of lagging. So enjoy the show and look forward to more eps to come!

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– tlynnec

Well folks, we are finally back on track.Thank you so much for your patience! Many loyal fans have waited as we converted to the Special Edition MKV format. I hope you all feel it was worth it! I really feel it was, indeed. With the back episodes released, we will move forward from now on. ^_^

In this episode the usual features apply:

1) Brand new 5.1 Surround AC3, 2.0 Stereo and Original Mono audio tracks

2) Region 2 DVD video source

3) Formatted and Unformatted subtitle tracks

4) Chapter Stops

5) Corn Pone Flicks translation

File size: 286388228 (273MB), CRC 787B3F51
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Thanks for watching!

Hooray! DAQ is back on track!!!

Yes, it’s finally out, Detective Academy 26! We apologize for the 6-month delay. As most of you probably know, we had our translator go AWOL, which lead to this project being stalled. Well, no more endless waiting for you DAQ fans, as the TL problem is no longer an issue. ^^

This episode is slightly different from the rest. It’s not the Sherlock Holmes style drama that takes place normally, but something that may actually happen to anyone. This episode focuses on the chick of Class Q: Megu! We get to see Megu’s *cute* side and and meet her beautiful sister Akane! ^_~

You can download this from our bots in #Live-evil on or get it off BitTorrent.

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CRC : F7B57774
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Size : 182448128b

In addition to the staff mentioned in the credits, I’d like to express gratitude to Teppei, Spymon, and especially WillowD, and everyone on the L-E QC team who worked really hard in QCing this episode. QCing this one was a particularly a difficult task, but with much determination and dedication, they managed to complete the quality checking process in a matter of several days. Also there were some serious file confusions in the middle of the process, leading to multiple re-encodes. O_O Kudos to Mirror_ID from Ideology for his wonderful demonstration of flexibility! ^_^

Anyways, enjoy this episode and look forward to the next one!

Post on our forums and tell us about what you think of this release! Thank you for your continued patience!