Well folks, we are finally back on track.Thank you so much for your patience! Many loyal fans have waited as we converted to the Special Edition MKV format. I hope you all feel it was worth it! I really feel it was, indeed. With the back episodes released, we will move forward from now on. ^_^

In this episode the usual features apply:

1) Brand new 5.1 Surround AC3, 2.0 Stereo and Original Mono audio tracks

2) Region 2 DVD video source

3) Formatted and Unformatted subtitle tracks

4) Chapter Stops

5) Corn Pone Flicks translation

File size: 286388228 (273MB), CRC 787B3F51
Get it off the bots in #Live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or off BitTorrent.

Thanks for watching!