Archive for June 18th, 2006

Anyway, I just wanted to clear up a few rumors.

1) I’m not dead/arrested/disgruntled.

2) We may or may not continue NANA and Tsubasa Chronicle if we can come to some sort of reconciliation.

3) All those times I was “seen on the L-E forums” was because of the automatic RSS feeder on my Mozilla Firefox, making it appear like I was online when I really wasn’t. Truth be told, I have barely spent 10 minutes online in the last 2+ weeks due to lots of IRL crap.

I apologize if I misled anyone or broke any promises. I guess I come from a day and age where people had more patience with things, but obviously the fansubber-leecher/fansubber-fansubber paradigm has dramatically shifted in recent years.

The rumors of my death are highly exaggerated. I appreciate all the emails and messages people have sent me.


Live-Evil regretfully announces that both Tsubasa Chronicles and Nana are dropped.

First, for Tsubasa, Live-Evil will discontinue their participation in the project. Tofusensei, who was the only person from Live-Evil working on the project has been unable to keep his promises regarding getting things done on a reliable schedule. Dattebayo is willing to continue the project alone if a suitable translator can be found. For more details on this you can see Dattebayo’s press release on their site.

Second, It deeply saddens me to announce that Live-Evil is dropping Nana, a project that I personally enjoyed working on very much. Again, this is due to Tofusensei’s lack of participation in the project, for which he comprised 1/2 of the staff along with myself and Vash. Similar to Tsubasa Chronicles, Live-Evil does not have the resources to continue the project at this time. If you happen to be an extraordinarily skilled translator, contact interactii on rizon or etg, and we’ll see if perhaps we can work something out, but I’m not very hopeful.

I wish to apologize to all the fans who have wanted, in earnest, for our releases on these projects, and let me tell you I’m very disappointed in Tofusensei, who made continuous promises on these series, only to break them.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to check out our other projects, there’s some really exciting stuff going on, so stay tuned!