Anyway, I just wanted to clear up a few rumors.

1) I’m not dead/arrested/disgruntled.

2) We may or may not continue NANA and Tsubasa Chronicle if we can come to some sort of reconciliation.

3) All those times I was “seen on the L-E forums” was because of the automatic RSS feeder on my Mozilla Firefox, making it appear like I was online when I really wasn’t. Truth be told, I have barely spent 10 minutes online in the last 2+ weeks due to lots of IRL crap.

I apologize if I misled anyone or broke any promises. I guess I come from a day and age where people had more patience with things, but obviously the fansubber-leecher/fansubber-fansubber paradigm has dramatically shifted in recent years.

The rumors of my death are highly exaggerated. I appreciate all the emails and messages people have sent me.