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It’s finally out. It was a fun project and took a long time, but we finished it. You can get all three episodes from bots in #live-evil or off bit torrent.

Not many people know this, but this is the longest on-going project that we have had. We actually originally “picked up” this project some time in late 2001. Just a little info for you history buffs out there 😛

We figured Easter Sunday was the perfect day to resurrect this project.


Filesize is 243,448,384 bytes, CRC is 05D1A706, md5 hash is cef87d56857e4726017dec48494a9d5c.

The three eps are designed to fit on one 700 meg CD.


Okay, it’s finally out. In the second episode of NANA, we take a step back to look at Nana Komatsu’s past and see where she came from. We learn about her troubles in love and how she met Shouji, Kyousuke, and Jun-chan. This is a wordy episode which covers a lot of backstory that will become critical in fully understanding the show later on. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it! You can get the NANA episodes off of our bit torrent site at:

We also have it on some great bots in our irc channel #live-evil @

I’d also like to apologize for some minor glitches in the video. They only appear briefly in a couple spots and they do not affect the overall viewing experience in the least. These came because of an experimental attempt to rectify the 23.976 fps episode with the 29.97 fps OP/ED themes. I don’t forsee this happening again in any of the future episodes.


Filesize is 179,894,272 bytes, CRC is DE8B743D, md5 hash is 1447f5f5c58c38e5abdfc7cf6fc366eb.

Also, please post on our forums and tell us what you think of our work subbing this show! Thanks!