As we approach Bastille Day (July 14th), what better way to celebrate than by closing out the end of possibly the greatest anime drama of all time, Rose of Versailles. Tonight we release to you episodes 36 and 37. The drama continues and Oscar and Andre move towards one another in a way we’ve never seen before. You do not want to miss these episodes.

As always get the files from the bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent.

ROV 36 is 170,588,160 bytes, the CRC is 00EAD3FA, and the md5 hash is 1cc20ea49d37aba76e052d3f488c00a7.
ROV 37 is 128,843,776 bytes, the CRC is 359BDF60, and the md5 hash is 8d3688b2d1b4020312e1947393d80565.