Your not-so-long wait is over! Come get episodes 13 and 14 of Initial D Fourth Stage from your friends at Live-eviL and Ideology! Get them off of bit torrent at (hint: scroll to the bottom of the page, that’s where all new releases go :P) or from the fast xdcc bots in #live-evil on or on #ideology!!

Ep 13 filesize is 184,039,424 bytes, the CRC is EDA718AB, and the md5 hash is 54a4adae329f1682001b63446f22f0c0.
Ep 14 filesize is 184,172,544 bytes, the CRC is 031BED17, and the md5 hash is b17aa49f706ac44562c0bddb4f88e77d.

Enjoy! Post in the forums!!