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This episode reminded me of a good episode of Kimagure Orange Road, complete with manipulations of time and space 🙂 Totally bizarre and amazing, nothing like this has ever been attempted in anime before or after. What happens when the entire history of the world, past, present, and future, become merged into one? Watch Creamy Mami 43 and find out 🙂

Filesize is 186,486,784 bytes, the CRC is 65E96058, and the md5 hash is dbe6a194524135630e0229bdf8dfb0cf.

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Another present for you Judo fans out there! Yawara 24, fresh off the presses!

BTW, if anyone knows how to contact Neko Creations, or get their hands on the scripts for Yawara episodes 29+, we would be very gratious. Please contact me personally at if you think you can help us locate these scripts, or can help assist with translating these episodes (29+).

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Filesize is 147,189,760 bytes, the CRC is 883D6BB4, and the md5 hash is 3d1d89ac2262bfbec7d7cbd6d31574dc.


She’s back !
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some info regarding the release :
File Name : [Live-eviL] Yawara – Ep 24.avi
CRC : 883D6BB4
File size : 147189760
md5sum is 3d1d89ac2262bfbec7d7cbd6d31574dc