I know a lot of people have probably forgotten about this project, but we sure haven’t. We’ve decided to sub this show strictly from DVDs as the television captures really do not do the show justice. Please check out all new encodes of eps 1-3 from DVD, and the never-before-released episode 4! You can get it from the xdcc bots in #live-evil, or in Froth-Bite’s or AnimeOne’s channels. Also from our bit torrent page at http://a.scarywater.net/live-evil/.

Ep 1 filesize is 241,657,856 bytes, CRC is E6C225BE, and the md5 hash is f2d6c4b9f487174109aab2f282b7019c.
Ep 2 filesize is 241,651,712 bytes, CRC is F5F9F1BB, and the md5 hash is 1fbd31acaec564a9e286469899812e06.
Ep 3 filesize is 241,653,760 bytes, CRC is 017BE518, and the md5 hash is fa17c0cbe4a3c5cca073c1fe7e0994d7.
Ep 4 filesize is 241,510,400 bytes, CRC is C26FCA59, and the md5 hash is fa90334e0f109d0b0d2f633ab514fe64.

It should be noted that Harlock and Tochiro as well as Emeraldas make their appearance in episode 4, for all you Matsumoto fans. They play crucial roles in this series 😉