I can neither confirm nor deny what this is, but Demn told me we’re releasing it, so I guess we are 😀 My understanding is it is a Kino no Tabi movie that follows the TV series.

[09:40] OK, Y’ALL READY?!
[09:40] This one goes out to interactii, whose dreams of making dattebayo more than just a naruto speed-subbing group were crushed by the triad when they released their Beyond the Clouds fansub.
[09:40] Anime-Eternal, Anime-Kingdom, and Live-Evil present | [Evil-Eternal-Kingdom] Kino no Tabi ~life goes on~ (Entama Version).avi | Filesize: 244,486,144 bytes | CRC32: 7109375D

You can get the file off of bit torrent at this link or try to find it on an xdcc bot 🙂