The wait is over! Enjoy episode 2 of this amazing fantasy anime from CLAMP. Syaoran meets a God from another CLAMP series and inherits an amazing power! But what happens in the Hanshin world? Watch and see!

As always, you can get the file from bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent at or here is a direct link to the torrent.


Filesize is 184,963,072 bytes, the CRC is B2DE35B9, the md5 hash is bdd4d1efba7d637fe7146677b70ca4b9.


On a more serious note. We’ve been taking a lot of flack, being accused of being “speedsubbers”, etc… I can personally vouch for the effort put in by the members of both Live-eviL and Dattebayo into this episode. I encourage any of you skeptics to compare our episode two to any of the other groups who will release this episode and I think you will be pleasantly surprised how well we stack up. If you still think we’re speedsubbing, take your gripes to our forum please. I’d love to hear on ways on how to improve. (But honestly, our episode 2 is pretty sweet :D)