I’m saddened to say that binky, the person who has been so graciously subtitling such shows as State of Divinity, Legend of Condor Heroes 2003, and DemiGods & Semi-Devils, has decided to pack it in and is no longer subtitling these shows for us. We will not be continuing them, but binky has provided links to all his partially finished works. If anyone else is willing to purchase the DVDs or VCDs for these shows and continue subtitling them, we’d be more than willing to accomodate your distirbution (much as we did for binky). Otherwise, this is the end of an era. πŸ™

In other drama news, subtitles of All In have surfaced so we will not continue subtitling that show, but please by all means watch it if you enjoyed the episodes we did. πŸ™‚ We WILL be continuing Peach Girl from DVD, and more episodes of that should be out soon.

Directly from the horse’s mouth:

“well…since i have no ETA when I will be working on the series anymore..I am deciding to release the subtitles for all the series I have worked on. If anyone uses them…please credit WXFS for the subs. I do not mind if other fan subbers use the script as long as proper credit are given.

I have currently uploaded episode 1, 3, 4 ,5 of TLBB(DGSD). http://www.wxfs.org/Subtitles/TLBB.zip

I will release the other subs later when I find them. I have to go dig them out.

I have a bunch of stuff for LOCH as well as SOD in various unfinished states.
Some just required someone to recombine the translated subtitles and timings into one file and encoding it and editing the translations.
Some you will need to shift the times etc. Not too hard to do. Just google for it.

Feel free to use the subtitles to translate to other languages.

Please find your own raws for these and do not email me asking for raws..

I will no longer be releasing encoded video with subtitles any more.
Any and all future releases will just be subtitles and timing only.
That way, I don’t have to worry about the video encoding of it etc.
Since the quality I was releasing was pretty low anyways.

If anyone wishes to continue helping me create translation files and timing available to everyone. Just email me at schizobinky@yahoo.com

I will post the links to the other subtitles on http://www.wxfs.org

Thank you to everyone who help WXFS in the traslation, editing and timing.
Thank you to Live-Evil for distributing the video.

-binky ”

We’ll miss ya, binky πŸ™