Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Today sees another small release from our project to sub the Sailor Moon Musical Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

It is excerpts from the VHS omake of the preorder video tape. Its available via XDCC bot at #live-evil on or by bittorrent at The file details are as below.

[!] CRC of file [L-E]BSSM-Musical_-_Shin_Kaguya_Shima_Densetsu_-_VHS_Omake_Excerpts_[84534F6E].avi (66.7MB): 84534F6E

Since the 1998 musical Shin Densetsu Kourin there has been an option for theatre visitors to order preorder versions of the Musical at the Theatre. The bonus of preordering is that they received the VHS 2 months before the commercial release of the musical and also there is an omake at the end of the tape or extra feature. This is not found on normal commercial tapes. The omake contains behind the scenes footage from the musical, adlibs and clips from the senshuuraku (final) performance of the musical.

With the advent of musicals being made available on DVD, they contained a “Making Of” documntary. The footage is similiar to the Omake but there are differences between them. We will soon be releasing the DVD Making Of for Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu but we felt we should bring you a few special clips from the VHS Omake which aren’t on the DVD Making of.

The first clip is the VHS Omake Adlibs which are jokes which are put in to the senshuuraku(final) performance of the Musical and make fun of popular Japanese culture and news events. The VHS Omake adlibs are different to the ones on the DVD Making of.

The second clip is taken from the Senshuuraku service numbers where Loof Merrow sings “The Female Pirate’s Strategy” again but she has some unexpected help.

Shirota Yuu (the Actor playing Tuxedo Kamen) graduated from the myu during Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu and the 3rd clip is taken from his final performance of Prince of the Earth and what happens afterwards. Prince of the Earth is one of Tuxedo Kamen’s image songs. This song is included in the DVD making of and hence we’ve only included what happened afterwards.

The final clip is what happened after the senshuuraku performance of Ginga No Sanctuary. Ginga No Sanctuary is the song which is sung at the end of Senshuuraku performances, the full performance of Ginga No Sanctuary will be in the DVD making of. We only included what happened after as its not present in the DVD making of.

We hope you enjoy these few small clips from the VHS Omake and look forward to the DVD making of in the very near future and after that the full Musical :D.

If you would like to discuss this fansubbing project with us directly or give feedback we maintain a small channel on chatsociety namely #junketsu-no-narcism. Feel free to drop by to talk us about or work or anything else related to Sailor Moon Musicals.