Another day, another wonderful episode of Rose of Versailles. The drama only gets better from here on out, so keep watching! ^^
Also our friends at Oppai Fansubs have done captures and encodes of the first two episodes of the classic shoujo anime Glass Mask. These are what we believe to be the highest quality encodes of any Glass Mask episodes done to date, so if you are a shoujo fan at all they are worth downloading and adding to your collection, I know I will 🙂
As usual get the files from the xdcc bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent at

ROV 27 filesize is 164,390,912 bytes, CRC is D20C024B, and the md5 hash is 36506c9c9c1a53dab502fb01d928ef4c.
Glass Mask 1 filesize is 172,388,352 bytes, the CRC is 2FC787E9, and the md5 hash is e5704df2c6149b8aa9f506a525592b5e.
Glass Mask 2 filesize is 161,679,360 bytes, the CRC is D6B18A57, and the md5 hash is a1e488c07401cb382ca244c4e7c03bc8.