Some more Sailor Moon musical goodness coming your way today *_*. Today as promised is the Making of Documentary taken from the Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu DVD.

The file information is as below :-

;210497536 00:02:42 2005-04-18 [L-E]BSSM-Musical_-_Shin_Kaguya_Shima_Densetsu_-_DVD_Making_Of_[0C00E4A2].avi
[L-E]BSSM-Musical_-_Shin_Kaguya_Shima_Densetsu_-_DVD_Making_Of_[0C00E4A2].avi 0C00E4A2

It’s available via XDCC bot at #live-evil on or bittorrent at . This is the last of the Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu extras to be fansubbed and the next release will be the main event of the musical itself ^_^;;;.

The DVD Making of documentary is different to the preorder VHS omake that we have previously released excerpts from. It has footage from the rehearsal sessions and then a focus on the Fukoka performance. After this there is some more adlibs. Take particular note of the “koi” and “ai” adlib. Its particularly funny :D. After this there is footage of Senshuuraku which includes Shirota Yuu’s(Tuxedo Kamen) last performance and the traditional Senshuuraku peformance of Gigna No Sanctuary(Galaxy’s Sanctuary). Finally there is a small interview with Marina and Shirota Yuu which focuses on his time in the role of Tuxedo Kamen.

We hope you enjoy this Making of and combined with the Service Numbers, VHS Omake Excerpts and Commercial have provided an exciting curtain raiser to release of the full musical itself :).

If you would like to discuss this fansubbing project directly with myself and Aniko the translator or any other aspect of Sailor Moon Musicals you can find us at our small channel :- #junketsu-no-narcism on


Get the file from the xdcc bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent at