We are so proud to bring you one of the greatest anime movies of our time, Windaria, subtitled for your viewing enjoyment!
If you’ve never seen this movie, it’s a classic movie set in a fantasy world where two neighboring states are warring. It’s a romance story like none other, with a truly un-Hollywood-like ending. If you call yourself a fan of movies or a fan of anime you owe it to yourself to watch Windaria!

More information on Windaria can be found here.

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The file is designed to fit on one 700 meg CD and is encoded in XviD 1.1. Enjoy! Please post on our forum to discuss this classic masterpiece.

Filesize is 731,928,576 bytes, the CRC is 47D12022, and the md5 hash is 335aff6ce697350f86ba4b1c3aa4705d.