In this episode: Saori & Shion face off in their first round of Shougi, Ayumi gains a secret admirer, Hani’s younger brother plays some interesting tricks, and a whole lot of cash changes hands…

Release Info:
File name: [Live-eviL]_Shion_no_Ou_-_07_[DB2A88BD].avi
Size: 185069568
MD5: c8253c2aff098ca32b3f896a1a07ac49

Also out is Shion 06 in glorious HD! Features include:

  • x264, mkv, 1280×720 resolution
  • Chapters
  • End notes with Shougi terms and explanations

Release Info:
File name: [Live-eviL]_Shion_no_Ou_-_06_[8069EE86]_(HD_1280x720_x264).mkv
Size: 244021933
CRC: 8069EE86
MD5: 085194fbac3eceb43530d33293dd9a7c

As usual, these releases are available from the bots in our IRC channel,, or grab it off BitTorrent.