Well, for all the fans out there who are planning on collecting this show (and considering it’s rumored to take 3 years to finish) we figured we’d make a nice archiveable version for all you Tsubasa Chronicle fans to keep πŸ™‚

This version’s script is completely reworked, and is about as good as it will ever get (maybe even better than the R1 release, depending on who licenses it :P). Since this is for you to keep, it was encoded in the bleeding edge h.264 codec which offers a DVD-level quality at a paltry 167 megabytes!

To play h.264 on Windows, follow the instructions found here originally written for Space Symphony Maetel 6 (also encoded in h.264).

Please post your feedback on our forum or in our irc channel, as we would love to hear from you. We can be found on irc.enterthegame.com in channel #live-evil and as always you can get the files from our great and speedy bots. And of course, you can always download the file from bit torrent as usual!

Happy leeching~ πŸ™‚ See you tonight for episode 21!

Filesize is 175,478,784 bytes, CRC is 8C5BB019, and the md5 hash is 0e6dd9b73ceeb430ba2372b121f3df14.


P.S. Forgot to mention that we included a bonus never-before-seen episode 1 preview that was included on the DVD subbed at the start of the episode. And ep 2+ will use creditless OP/ED πŸ™‚