Yay! W00t!. It’s another episode of everyones favourite Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale.

This episode sees the main plot kick in to gear. As you may remember the Trolls decided to get a LITTLE too playful in the last episode and they broke the mirror O_O;;;. What is the consequence of this action and how will it affect little Kay and Gerda safe and sound in their sleepy town?. Episode 3 is both shocking and eye opening as new characters are introduced and I hope you’re ready for the end of Episode 3 as this one’s a shocker!.

As usual you can get it from our xdcc bot’s on irc.enterthegame.com or from bittorrent here.

File Details :-
The CRC is F8DCB934
The size is 168888320
The MD5 hash is a9aed08c922ac4d852eb8cc6c54a63eb